Make Opportunity Happen: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Align Your Own Stars


In the entrepreneurial journey, how do you ensure that each step is the right one? As an entrepreneur, you need ideas, resources, and strategies for making real progress—and you need mentors to get you to the next level.

In Make Opportunity Happen, Maria Flynn provides this mentorship with a complete framework for success in entrepreneurship. Based on her experience as an entrepreneur and coach, Maria presents a guidebook with real-world strategies, templates, and methods to help you answer the questions you’ll have in your journey. From achieving the right mindset throughout every obstacle to inspiring urgency in your team, you’ll learn how to navigate the path forward. In life, you get one run-through. Make the most of it with this essential handbook, and never question your future again.



Leveraging her experience as an entrepreneur, Maria Flynn works with select high-growth leaders and companies to make opportunities happen. She has helped dozens of companies, translating her methodology from health tech, biotech, and deep tech into sectors such as marketing, financial services, and consumer products. As CEO of Orbis Biosciences, Maria built a technology company that improved pharmaceutical manufacturing, won awards for its novel innovation, and was acquired by Adare Pharmaceuticals.

Maria was named one of Entrepreneur’s Women to Watch and has received the Pipeline Entrepreneurs’ Inspiration Award and Central Exchange’s STEMMy Enterprising Innovator Award. She now shares the methods that made her successful with you.

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