To Learn More for your journey

 When you’re ready for a deeper dive, here is a curated selection of resources for more information. Don’t feel like you need to read them all. Pick the resource that fits your biggest challenge, and come back later to find something for your next challenge. We’ll keep curating the list.

Part 1: Execution Constellation

METHOD 1: Your Mighty Mindset: Develop a mindset that propels you.

METHOD 2: Valuable vs. Vicious Voices: Identify your voices and put them to work for you.

METHOD 3: The Magic of Momentum: Recognize it’s all about taking the first step and keeping momentum going.

METHOD 4: Knowing Where You Want to Go: Establish your destination and align every person on your team’s goals to the overarching mission.

METHOD 5: The Right Things Right Now: Leverage key performance indicators (KPIs) to work on the right things.

METHOD 6: What to Work on Today: Break larger goals into bite-size tasks along multiple paths so you can make the most progress.

METHOD 7: Accountability for You and Your Team: Have a system and discipline to get things done to increase your accountability.

METHOD 8: Accountability for Your Clients and Partners: Bring a set of golden rules to help you increase accountability.

METHOD 9: Urgency Builders: Create urgency so you don’t have the “in six months” problem.

METHOD 10: Empowered Decisions: Use your framework of what is important to make good, quick decisions.

Part 2: Support Constellation

METHOD 11: Managing Overwhelm: Give yourself a time audit and a three-step plan to manage your overwhelm.

Never Feel Fragile Again: The Mental Resilience Model That Builds Inner Strength Through Self-Connection by Monica Smith
Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski
Emotional Intelligence by Barrett Whitener, Daniel Goleman, et al.

METHOD 12: Roller Coaster Survival: Use this checklist to help you put things into perspective.

The EOS Life by Gino Wickman, Steve Edwards, et al.
Never Feel Fragile Again: The Mental Resilience Model That Builds Inner Strength Through Self-Connection by Monica Smith
→ Monica Smith’s mental resilience website
13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do: Take Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears, and Train Your Brain for Happiness and Success by Amy Morin

METHOD 13: Your Rocket Ship: Think strategically about your team, common characteristics to share, and diversity of experience and skills.

METHOD 14: Founder or Co-founder: Decide your leadership structure, align expectations, and have a plan for how to work together.

METHOD 15: Clarity of Structure: Define who does what to improve accountability and team dynamics.

METHOD 16: Culture Cornerstone: Use the golden rule, treating people the way they want to be treated as a cornerstone of your culture.

METHOD 17: The Way We Work: Define how you do things, so everyone is on the same page.

METHOD 18: Hiring Basics: Recruit the best people you can.

METHOD 19: Your Board: Identify, set up, and run a board that propels your company.

METHOD 20: Friendshelp: Get by with a little help from your friends.

Part 3: Adaptability Constellation

METHOD 21: Monkey Mind: Tame your restless mind, reduce anxiety, and capture insights.

METHOD 22: Freeing your Feelings: Let your emotions help you rather than hinder you.

METHOD 23: Creativity Catchers: Get into the creative zone and capture your ideas.

METHOD 24: Listentuition: Look for the green lights for encouragement and the speed bumps for learning.

METHOD 25: Rapid Discovery: Experiment to find answers quickly.

METHOD 26: Your Story: Tell your best story and adapt it to the right audience.

METHOD 27: Negotiation Starter Pack: Practice negotiation skills so both parties feel good about moving forward.

METHOD 28: The Right Structure at the Right Time: Work on the right things at the right time.

METHOD 29: Letting Someone Go: Be thoughtful in firing as it reflects on the type of leader you are and the company you have.

METHOD 30: Failing Up: Maximize the value of failing by learning from and moving on from it.

Part 4: Perseverance Constellation

METHOD 31: Shit Happens: Have a plan so you and your team can recover faster.

METHOD 32: Opportunity Knocks: Find ways to increase the potential for opportunity to come your way.

METHOD 33: Getting in Doors: Perfect the first step in selling your product, service, idea, or company.

METHOD 34: Funding: Consider revenue, grants, angel funding, and venture capital when finding what funding fits you best.

METHOD 35: Get Unstuck: Take action and learn quickly, and the market will tell you the way to go.

METHOD 36: Avoid the Stress of Not Getting Things Done: Avoid the dangers of putting too much on your list with strategies for preventing overload.

METHOD 37: What Fills You Up: Do more of what gives you energy and less of what drains you.

METHOD 38: The “Long in the Tooth” Syndrome: Keep your business from getting old where you are continually asking yourself, Is this worth it?

METHOD 39: Your Next Wind: Find renewed energy by hitting the reset button; making adjustments to your routines, habits, and environment; or making a change.

METHOD 40: Lean on Others: Embrace your tribe to provide and receive inspiration, support, and ideas.

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– Lee Kuczewski

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